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All Rentals require a non-refundable 50% deposit which must be paid when you book your reservation. Rentals will not be held without a deposit or a fully paid balance. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Deposits are non-refundable and guarantee your rentals for the day of your event. Rescheduling options are only available due to inclement weather (and COVID-19), and sufficient notice must be given – at least 4 weeks for tents and 3 weeks for inflatables. We do not operate if there are chances for thunderstorms, you will receive a rain check that is valid for a year from the date of your event.

Rental balances are due no later than 2 days prior to your rental date.  Meeting this deadline will ensure that there are no delivery delays.

Times are from 7a.m., until 1p.m.  We strive to be on time for all of our events, sometimes it’s not possible.  Please bear with us as we are doing the best we can to arrive on time.  All arrival times are estimates and are not guarantees.

  Currently there are no pickup at this time.

  If you are renting tables and chairs, they will be delivered curbside.  Setup is not included in the base chair rental price. We’ll stack the tables and chairs for you and we would appreciate it if you had them stacked the same way when we pick-up.  If you need us to set up and break down the tables and chairs (for an additional charge of $1.00 per chair), let us know so that we can add time in the schedule.

  Our inflatables are sometimes wet when they are delivered due to the cleaning of the unit on site.  In such cases we may deliver earlier than your event start time to give the inflatables time to dry.


  Please be sure to have your grass cut no later than two days before we set up.

 Triple M Party Rentals cannot guarantee weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule you rental prior to delivery if severe weather conditions are immanent or if we have reason to believe that the equipment and/or its users may be in danger. Some examples of severe weather conditions are high winds, rain, snow, thunder, and/or lightning. In the event of severe weather during a rental, customer agrees that he/she/they will unplug the inflatable, allow it to deflate, and not use the equipment until severe weather ends.

  Please measure your set up area to make sure everything will fit as we cannot be responsible if there’s not enough room for the rentals you selected.

 You are responsible for ensuring that there are enough power outlets (and power) within 50 feet of your set up area.  If you are renting a bounce house typically 1 regular wall outlet will do th

  We drive stakes into the ground to secure most equipment.  In accordance with state laws, someone from the state may come out to your property and mark the underground utilities.

 We are not responsible for any damage to sprinkler systems on the property due to stakes or staking.  If you have a sprinkler system please let us know where not to stake.

 Must be cleaned.

PARKS/FOREST PRESERVES:  If your event is at a park/forest preserve, you are responsible for ensuring that you have the proper permits and certificate of insurance.  Most parks require a general permit and a special use permit for inflatables, generators, tents, etc.  Verify this info with the park and make sure we are allowed to use stakes to secure the equipment into the ground.

  We deliver our generator rentals filled with gas as a courtesy.  You are responsible for checking the gas level every hour and adding more gas if needed.


 Equipment cannot be left unattended; you will be liable for any theft or damage that occurs to the equipment if it is left unattended and your damage waiver will be void (if applicable).  This also means that if your event is at a park, you cannot leave the park before we pick-up the equipment.

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