Triple M Party Rentals is an exciting adventure with a relevant purpose, parents are confident in our delivery.  We take pride in our ability to produce positive results.  Another reason we started this business is because we are Once you have used Triple M Party Rentals, you will want to every year!  Your interest will depend on your needs.  All we know is our services will be a big score.  We have tents, tables, chairs and much more!  When enjoying your son or daughter party outside.  You will want to rent our 15 foot Water Slides.  It’s an affordable way for families to take in the fresh air.  Your children won’t have to go far, simply pop up the moon bounce right in your back year.  My daughter is a type 1 Diabetic, which game me more of a reality check.  In turn has inspired me to give discounts to families with disabilities.  Thank you for being a part of our family tree!  Book online or call 240-270-2296, to check for availability.  We look forward to serving all of your family needs.


Triple M Party Rentals